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Kristy Anne

Grow, Evolve and Live Your Best Life

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About me

I am a nurse, behavioural scientist, intuitive and author.

Based in Brisbane I wrote a book "Confessions of a Professional Overthinker" and produced an accompanying journal "Amazing Life Journal" to assist further.


I also run coaching workshops in-person and online helping people to navigate through big life changes. Using something I created called the 6 Pillars of change under the banner of Project InBetween - I see myself as a future behaviour change expert hoping to conduct research and help change the health economy of Australia through behaviour change.

My love of writing, speaking and helping others has followed me from childhood. I get so much joy seeing the happiness on peoples faces when I have helped to make some form of positive impact on their lives. The way I see the world now after a nearly decade long nursing career and later a commerce and behavioural science degree provided me with a renewed understanding about the human mind and body connection, and human behavioural change as seen through a unique Intuitive lense.