About Me

Welcome, I am Kristy!

Currently, I write Non-Fiction based on my knowledge of science and the mind-body connection as learnt through my decade long nursing career and later behavioural science degree.

My book "Confessions of a Professional Overthinker"  was written as a healing tool for myself after suffering a bout of postnatal depression and anxiety. I strongly believe my little girl was sent to me to wake up to the fact I had planted myself in the wrong stream of life.

It is now my mission and desire to help other women (and hopefully men and children one day) step boldly into the life they too were here to live.

I created the "Amazing Life Journal"  as an accompaniment to the book because I found healing and comfort in being able to journal out my thoughts.

I write and run workshops to help other women understand we hold the key to our own happiness, it is not outside of us. I have a keen intuitive ability which I believe sets me apart from others, it is an interesting ability, to say the least. It has helped me a lot lately. One day I would like to write some fiction, I have the bug, you can't stop me now.

For now, human behaviour is my jam, even the difficult ones, I've been in the trenches let me tell you!

The brain is an incredibly adaptive organ, you just need the right time and environment to reload a new piece of software.....Just like all of our technology upgrades every few weeks......We have the choice to do this moment to moment how cool!!!

I am a self-confessed square peg who refuses to fit into the round holes society has built. 

My specialities and loves:

  • Behaviour change skills

  • Behavioural science

  • Help with life changes and transitions

  • Writing

  • Running workshops

  • Hugs and guts laughs :)


I seek to help people to get back to themselves and their own inner core of being and living. No matter what Life is meant to be felt with joy, passion, love and wonder.



If your ready then I can help in a multitude of ways. Please feel free to contact me through the contact page or my socials.