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6 reasons: Why you are not taking action on chasing your dreams

Updated: Feb 6

Scared of what people will think of you

You are only human, we all want to "'it in' to our herd of people. What if your herd of people don't want you to succeed? what if they do, but not 'too much'. What if you are judged for your desires and passions? what if someone tells you, what you want to try out is a silly idea, a pipe dream?

What if I fail

Chances are you WILL fail or fall down at some point in the journey of chasing whatever your heart desires. It is how you get back up and learn from said 'failure' or as I like to call them, life lessons. The below images are how I best describe what i like to call T.I.M (The irrational mind) and R.A.D (rational action and determination). The irrational mind is what tries to keep you safe and stuck, it also hates change and doesn't like the boat to be rocked - much like a petulant child throwing a tantrum.

Imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome affects everyone, even the most famous of people. Jodie Foster famously once said she constantly felt like an imposter, even upon stepping onto the Yale campus, and while accepting an oscar for one of her movies. The point is, we all experience feelings of what if i don't deserve this and maybe its for someone else not me. Holding a belief or perception we are somehow incapable or incompetent, will only ever hold us back from our dreams. Please know this, all beliefs are downloaded from other people within your environment. You are capable and you are competent in achieving anything you deeply desire to achieve. Hold the belief in yourself and you will win at life. No matter what there will always be people in your life telling you, you can't or that you shouldn't. it is how you choose to push through those 'limits' those people impose on you that sees you win in your own life.

I've never tried so, why try now

This is exactly the time when you should be 'trying' if you do not try how do you even know if it is for you? what is it you deeply desire to start today? a blog, a book, a cooking class, start your little side hustle for extra money? small actions lead to a snowball effect. Try something small like starting with one blog a week or one cooking class a week or month, write 1000 words a week of that book you have always wanted to write. Start small and momentum will build. Just try and try now. Don't be scared of the outcome, don't allow imposter syndrome to creep in. Tell it to shut up!

Scared of the unknown

The unknown is scary, maslows heirarchy of needs states as below, we all have basic needs in order to feel secure, safe and certain. As a human species we seek these things first before taking action with anything else. Sometimes on the other side of the unknown is beauty, fun, excitement and growth experiences. The whole purpose of human life is growth after all. Not stagnation. Be bold, Be brave. It is so worth it!

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