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How to truly KNOW yourself

Know your inner values = knowing your worth

When you have an understanding of what your OWN value system is, your life will change for the better.

I have got to be honest with you. Until about 3-5 years ago, I did not know what a personal value system was. They did not teach this stuff when I attended school in my developmental years (80/90’s), hopefully that has changed in 20 years.

My hope is this article will help someone, or a parent of someone to help their child to develop their own set of values in the hopes it will save them from mental anguish as an adult.

The first 10-15years of a child’s life is so crucial in their development. In terms of environment, social, financial, educational the whole gamut. ALL of it is matters. It is what forms their adult life and behaviours. Whether we like to admit it or not, we adults, when we choose to become parents also become responsible for little humans who will in turn become big adults.

As adults, we instil our own internal values and beliefs onto our kids because it is all we know what to do. No one is ever given a manual on “How to raise a successful and happy child” because in all honesty. There IS no manual. All children, when gifted to us are in some way “soul programmed” and then they are met with challenges with their societal and environmental programming. A pretty scary and massive task to withhold in this lifetime.

Knowing or at least being guided into understanding what your OWN inner values are, is key to living a life of greatness. What this means is, you are less likely to be swayed by what others/your environment/society or whichever say and stand steadfast in your own way of thinking.

Do not get me wrong there needs to be an understanding these values can CHANGE as our priorities change something; we need to become ok with.

A value system is literally your life “red buttons”. When someone presses on your value system button, it is a sure-fire way to understand they have pressed a button that means something to you. Something you may not yet be aware of.

Becoming aware of your own internal value system makes you stronger in who you are as a person and how increases the confidence you have in yourself in how you present yourself in society.

Often, we are “told” who we should be, act or do by our environmental factors. Never fully questioning if this is true for us, we just blindly trust that environment to be true. Then formulate our own environment based on that which we have been educated on. Never fully questioning if it is true for our inner being.

When you learn what your own values are, this is when life will change for you in more ways you could ever imagine.

Sometimes this does mean disappointing others in your environment. Because you are no longer matching up to theirs. This will create a little bit of chaos and misunderstanding for a little while if the match up creates an imbalance.

However, if you hold strong to your own values, the people who love you regardless, they will always stick around and will also respect you for inhabiting your own self- worth and when you do this for yourself. You inadvertently give your special people the permission to do the same thing.

Wouldn’t you want your people to live authentically themselves like yourself? I know I do!

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