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Understanding your internal and external drivers in relation to your behavioural traits.

Developing and understanding our own internal and external driving systems is a sure fire way to truly know yourself and the whys of your external behavioural traits.

Years of nursing, a degree in commerce and behavioural science has taught me a lot about human behaviour, health, business and the economy. Is it possible that if we address and gift people with the simple and easy task of knowing what internally drives them, that we will see less anxiety, depression and mental health.

Is it possible we could see a radical shift in the health economy, especially the mental health burden if we address the intrinsic motivators of people and 'program' people the right way, without fear, without sadness and control or scarcity.

It is continuously coming to my periphery that the world and a lot of humans are suffering a great deal at the moment. Hospital wards brimming with people filled with a world of internal hurt at the changes that have occurred lately. Some conversations I have had with colleagues of late has seen me asking questions like, do you know what motivates you? do you know what drives you? and do you know what makes you happy? I was astounded by some of the responses.

Do you know what the answers were and where they stemmed from? extrinsic or external drivers ---> Some of the responses were:

* My kids

* My spouse

* My house

* Money

* My job

* Cars

* Clothes

* Actually I don't know what makes me happy anymore

Now the above things, there is nothing wrong with wanting those things in our life, basic needs for security and safety is always a must in order to feel secure within. What happens when these things all get taken away and you are left with nothing? how do you cope?

Emotional resilience and building strong internal foundations is always key in bouncing back from losing it all. Knowing your internal motivators and values, your own strengths and weaknesses will always see you bounce back from massive life changes, such as what 2020 has made some of us face. No one is absolved from experiencing painful life circumstances.

Have we become a society of sheep? followers? is this why the world is hurting so much? have we all lost ourselves so much that when things fall apart we don't even know what to do when things fall apart so we wait for someone or something outside of us to give us the directive?

Your internal motivators are your values and your own life's red buttons. When your red buttons get pushed to the brink this can cause a fight or flight response, creating anxiety (control) or depression (stagnation). Both of these conditions are signs you may have chosen the wrong route, the route away from your internal drivers. Or as i like to say - the route away from yourself.

Your internal drivers are literally what makes you, you. When you drive away from yourself and choose the external driver route, you are essentially rejecting yourself and driving away from yourself. Which in turn creates, depression or anxiety.

I am not sure where we as a society have gone wrong, I wholeheartedly believe 2020 has shown us that we are all living from a place of extrinsic value systems and not intrinsic ones. Might be time some of us start taking an inventory of what intrinsically motivates us and working towards that. If we start to do this, I believe we will start to see less mental health issues. Less burden on the health system and less burden on the economy.

So I ask you, do you know what drives your insides? do you know what your internal values are? your red buttons? have you ever taken an inventory of your life and asked yourself if you have been living from your own internal drivers or that of someone else? if you have experienced anxiety or depression (we all have at some point in time) can you see where it may have been you had started to follow the route away from yourself and following someone else's instead (following the extrinsic route)

I have had many conversations with people over the years and seem to get the same answers - I don't know what my own value systems are, I have lived for other people for so long I have lost myself. This can create a victim mentality, which is an easy trap to fall into.

Here lies the heart of our mental health issues of the world. Living from a place of being told to reject yourself and then being made to feel awful when you stop rejecting yourself and start living for you. Have i tapped into a new way of thinking? no i don't think so, we have all held the answers we seek to know about ourselves, some of us have lost our way because of childhood and environmental programming. Yet as adults, we can change that.

Change your thoughts - Change your life; Change your internal programming - Change your life. True story. Try it for yourself and see.

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