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Medical Intuitive session

Have you got reoccurring medical illnesses that have been treated by medical professionals, multiple antibiotics, scans, blood tests?

Get in touch, after nearly a decade as a medically trained nurse I saw this often and would wonder why people weren't getting better. Often I would find myself sitting down having a deeper chat and due to my deep intuitive skills, together with my patients we were able to find the deeper understanding of the why behind the chronic nature.

If you would like to know more. Please get in touch and we can discuss price and length of time required.  These sessions can take a couple of hours so please be aware of this.

Clairvoyant reading

After years in the medical profession I discovered a very keen observational skill that started to help me, to help others. The more I opened up to this gift the better it became and the easier it became to help others.

I use a variety of different methods to obtain the information required to help you. Tarot is usually the start, then it starts to flow from there.

If you are seeking some clarity about your current lifes circumstances I am here to help you to dig and uncover your future potential.

Life is meant to be lived in Joy and I can help you with this!



I am not just a medical professional, I am also a Behavioural scientist and and aspiring future change expert.

If your feeling stuck and not sure where to turn I can help you uncover your hidden behavioural patterns that are keeping you stuck in the mud of life.

Do you feel like your just STUCK, UNMOTIVATED, STAGNANT you name it.

Not sure why your finances are stagnant, your relationships, work life balance is off? or all of the above.

I can help